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Does 2nd Chance Water Restoration Provide Sewage Removal Services In Chicago?

Does 2nd chance water restoration provide sewage removal service in Chicago, Illinois?

Yes, our sewage removal service pros are well trained, equipped, and fully capable of removing all the sewage from your home and leaving it clean giving the property the second chance that it deserves. Our sewage removal pros have seen it all from over flowed toilets to giant industrial sewer pipes that exploded spilling thousands of gallons of raw sewage across large buildings.

Everyone from Chicago knows that blocked, or clogged sewer drains are a consistent problem and the number one cause for sewage flooding in basements all over the city. Our sewage removal pros will help clean your home by removing the sewage and using a anti-microbial surfactant to emulsify all the sewage to the surface for easier clean up.

Chicago sewage cleanup

Having sewage in your basement, whether you are in the city of Chicago, or out in the suburbs is aggravating and costly enough without a high price water and fire restoration company coming in and giving you an inflated bill. 2nd Chance Water Restoration usually beats most estimates in Chicago regarding the cleaning of sewage by wide margins. We are a family owned and operated business that doesn’t spend millions of dollars on painting trucks, fans, or shooting commercials.

2nd Chance Water Restoration has become a house hold name in the city of Chicago, because we are willing to do every sewage and water damage job in Chicago and the local surrounding areas, whether it is a small crawl space, or a large industrial building and we are willing to do it less than the competition. The fact that we are usually the cheapest option and provide a high quality of work has helped us earn a lot of referral business in Chicago cleaning sewage and many other types of water damage issues. We do beat written estimates.

How Important Is Sewage Cleanup In Chicago?

It is extremely  important to cleanup sewage in Chicago or anywhere else when there is a backup. Sewage is gross and contains many contaminants that pose health hazards such as hepatitis or diphtheria. There is a greater chance for accelerated mold growth and structural damage when there is a sewer backup as opposed to a clean water flood. The odor and vapor from sewage is terrible and harmful to breath. If sewage even touches soft building materials or fabrics then those items should be thrown out according to the IICRC. If you allow this kind of water to sit even for a day then you are compounding your problems.

To recap how important prompt sewage cleanup is:

  • Potential health hazard
  • Damage to property compounds daily
  • Mold will grow if not cleaned
  • Property could lose value

Sewage cleanup in Chicago!

I think anyone in Chicago would have a hard time finding a better water damage company than 2nd chance water restoration. Every pro water damage technician that we have is certified for water restoration and mold remediation at the bare minimum and our management team has over a combined experience of 55 years in the sewage removal and water damage restoration industry.

2nd Chance water restoration of Chicago isn’t the largest national water damage chain, nor are we shoving high dollar commercials about mold remediation down your throats, but what we are is a local growing well respected water damage company that is striving every day to earn and build upon our stellar reputation that we have built by helping one Chicagoan at a time. We don’t have fancy radio ads with annoying, but very catchy jingles, but we do have a desire to earn every job that we provide an estimate for and an even greater desire to leave each customer of 2nd Chance water restoration thinking that they got the best service and deal possible considering theirs unforunate disaster.

Cleaning sewage is an aspect of what we do, but our primary focus is actually to provide the best and most hassle free water damage restoration service possible to people in great need, while also providing a reasonable price. We can bill your insurance company directly and there is no need to stress having your deductible on the spot. Our pro sewage removal technicians are capable and willing to start the work right away, while putting the billing on the back burner, until your I home is clean and enjoying the second Chance that it deserves.