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Do you know anyone in Chicago that does sewage water damage cleanup? Because knowing the right guy to clean up sewage damage in Chicago is extremely important. Let me introduce 2nd Chance Water Restoration of Chicago to you in your time of need. You may be asking yourself: who is 2nd chance water restoration? In today’s day and age little local family owned businesses in Chicago like 2nd Chance water restoration are easily researched.

BBB_Reverse-blue-rgbwall moldWe have over four hundred likes on Facebook and a ton of positive reviews online for a reason. We take pride in our work cleaning up the city of Chicago one disaster at a time. Why do you think our business is referral based? Because we plan on doing a good job every single time and relying our word of mouth versus heavy marketing expenses means that our customers don’t have to pay top dollar to have sewage damage cleaned up out of their basement. It’s bad enough that it’s in your basement. We aren’t going to give you anymore with just to squeeze a few extra pennies out of you. We work for a living just like most of our customers and understand that a sewage damage emergency is the last thing anyone expects, or plans for, so we try our best to be as reasonably priced as possible. We provide a completely free estimate prior to doing any work.

Call 2nd Chance Water Restoration today for your completely free water and sewage damage clean up estimate at 630-546-2239!!

It is our responsibility that our customers understand what the scope of their sewage damage, or water damage is exactly prior to us doing any work. We use up to date moisture meters and thermo imaging cameras to identify wet and affected areas. How can someone tell you what is wet exactly without moisture meters and thermo imaging cameras to properly diagnose the affected areas? The answer is simple: they can’t. We as humans are mostly water, so something would have to practically being dripping wet, before we were able to feel it, or see it with the naked eye. Water can damage cellulose material and become a breeding ground for mold and you may be hard pressed to tell, until the mold damage becomes much more serious. It’s important to clean sewage promptly and properly, because there can be serious health related ramifications. Sewage contains many different types of viruses, bacteria, and other diseases such as hepatitis. Did you the easiest way for someone to get sick from sewage damage exposure is to ingest the sewage, or to get in one’s eye. you don’t have to be from Chicago to know that it ruins your day every time.

Call 2nd Chance Water Restoration today for your completely free water and sewage damage clean up estimate at 630-546-2239!!

2nd Chance Water Restoration takes great pride in it’s growing reputation as perhaps the most customer friendly and knowledgable sewage damage cleanup company in all of Chicago and the local surrounding areas.

Our business has locations in Lombard, Elmhurst, Buffalo Grove, Westmont, and Chicago respectively, so it is possible for us to get anywhere in the surrounding area with 30-60 minutes. Our 24-7 emergency response sewage and water damage cleanup pro technicians will arrive quickly and well prepared to help you with your water damage and mold issues.

Call 2nd Chance Water Restoration today for your completely free water and sewage damage clean up estimate at 630-546-2239!!

Are you aware that most sewage back ups in the city of Chicago are preventable to a degree? Making sure that you rod your sewer drains once every year, or so to clear out tree roots, feminine products, baby wipes and other things that can cause blockage is a great way to avoid having to experience a water damage emergency.

Do you know that there are many signs that can give you a clue that it is time to rod your sewer drains? Slow draining, gurgling sounds, bad odors, and not neigh able to run more than one drain, or appliance at a time, because water will back up are just some examples of good times to get the drains cleaned out. Clogged drains in Chicago, or the local surrounding areas isn’t rocket science, but in today’s busy world it is easy to be caught unaware. Everyone at 2nd Chance water restoration hopes that our little informative blogs can help fellow Chicagoans avoid having to use our water damage clean up service. However, we also want you to feel comfortable calling 2nd Chance Water Restoration should the need arise.

We have been cleaning sewage, carpets, basements, mold, and water damage jobs in Chicago and the surrounding areas since the 90’s!