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Chicago Mold Removal By 2nd Chance Pg 2

This is what happened to the adjoining room! Mold will grow anywhere there is water and organic material. Could you imagine discovering this after returning from vacation? Obviously this drywall needs to be safely removed under negative air pressure. By using the...

Chicago Mold Removal By 2nd Chance Pg 3

After setting up containment and negative air pressure we set about safely removing the affected building materials. The homeowners were thrilled to have their home back. We cleaned the air ducts to ensure that all aspects of the project were completed and nothing was...

Chicago Mold Removal By 2nd Chance

Here is mold in a basement that was caused by a Chicago sewer backup that was allowed to sit for a prolonged time. Mold can start forming in as little as 24 hours so it is very important to act quickly when doing water removal. This particular sewage backup in Chicago...