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Can I Save Carpet That Is Soaked In Sewage?

     Can I Save Carpet That Is Soaked In Sewage? Is a question we here a lot at 2nd Chance Water Restoration. The answer is a resounding no! When dealing with sewage and all the problems that come with it you must take the side of caution. For health and safety it is in your best interest to take out your sewage soaked carpet and pad whenever you have a backup.

Has to be the most common question for me when dealing with flooded carpet. The answer is most definitely no. It is not a good idea to try to save carpet that is soaked in sewage. Not according to the IICRC or my near 20 years of experience. I have this hard earned experience earned while running sewage cleanup leads in the city of Chicago.I have been certified in Water Damage Restoration, Fire Restoration and Mold Remediation for years and have been serving the entire Chicago area since 1997. I am a true water restoration service professional and take great pride in giving your homes the 2nd chance that they deserve.

Sewage pipes contain viruses and bacteria and rain water that backs up, because there is a sewer problem still contain plenty of bio hazards even, if the water appears to be mostly clear. Unfortunately, a lot of land lords want to save sewage soaked carpets. Carpet and padding that have been soaked in sewage should be disengaged, bagged, and removed from the property and the floor underneath should be cleaned appropriately.

I personally do not recommend using bleach in the initial clean up process of a sewage job, because there can be ammonia from urine and other sewage in the muck. Dish soap is actually a great option for a do it yourself project, because it acts as an anti-microbial, a surfactant, and degreaser, while sparing your lungs a lot of potential harm. Dish soap is also cheap and more friendly to the environment and drain systems.

wet carpet removal

Sewage Cleanup means removing sewage soaked carpet

Generally, attaching a regular garden hose to your water heater, or dump sink is a great way to wash down the muck once the great city of Chicago has an opportunity to open the sewers back up. Make sure to turn the gas off, if your water heater’s pilot got shut off by the sewage. You would be surprised how many people don’t shut the gas off. I have been in homes that were full of gas, but the home owners couldn’t tell, because the foul stench of the sewage over powered the smell of the gas. Make sure to open windows, if possible as soaking in sewage doesn’t tend to do the water heater any favors, but you may be able to save your water heater by cleaning it and allowing it to dry.

Carpets Hit By Sewage

Sewage backup ruins carpeting

You also shouldn’t save any fabric based upholstery that gets hit with sewage. I have seen a lot of people choose to save upholstery, because the sewage barely hit the bottom. I usually try to educate people in regards to the health hazards associated with letting sewage remain in your house hold furniture, but people like to keep their furniture, until it is extremely apparent. I am very reluctant to clean fabric that has been hit with sewage especially, when there are children in the house, because I don’t people to assume that it is clean, because I tried my best. It is virtually impossible to completely remove sewage from coughs and chairs.

I applaud landlords that do the right thing and immediately remove the affected carpet and pad, because they unfortunately aren’t as common as one would hope for in the city of Chicago. When dealing with this kind of stressful situation, whether you are a tenant or a landlord, is to remember that this too shall pass. A positive mindset and the willingness to get it over with will make your sewage backup a distant memory sooner rather than later!

Sewage cleanup

Sewage soaked carpets get extracted before being removed!

Make sure to not wear shoes that you wear down in the affected area back into the rest of your house, because it is easy to cross contaminate clean areas of your home that way!  Most people tend to wear their shoes in the basement, then back through the rest of the house. Don’t do that!

Sewage soaked carpet in Chicago

Yuck, sewage in carpet is so gross!

2nd Chance Water Restoration takes pride in cleaning the poop, muck, crap, sewage, or whatever you want to call it out of your basement, or crawl space. We have hand scooped more poop out of crawl spaces than anyone would ever believe. We like to clean poop. We can clean your concrete, framing, and tile floors with antimicrobials leaving behind us a sanitary area. We clean at least three to fours homes in the city of Chicago every day. We have more Facebook and Google reviews and extremely ratings compared to most of our local competition.