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Winfield Water Removal

Winfield Water Removal

Winfield water removal and damage restoration is something easily achieved when you call 2nd Chance Water Restoration! We are the highest rated around for a reason. That reason is because we care about work and our customers. If you have to call a water removal company then you are probably having a bad day and could use someone friendly and helpful to assist you. We are the most trained and experienced around which is easily proven with a quick Google search. We have five stars everywhere and an A+ rating with the Chicago BBB! We focus on showing up promptly, professionally and with a proper attitude with the goal of helping our customers quickly recover from whatever ails their property.

Winfield water damage restoration

Winfield water removal!

We responded to this Winfield water removal job in the late evening. The customers chose us over our competition because of our superior ratings over the competition. They were worried because we are not from Winfield, but as I reassured them that I always have water damage near me and that I’d be there in less than an hour, she was happy to have us out. We were at here home in less than forty five minutes to assess the situation and determine what needs to be done. We realized that they needed a plumber to come and change the sump pump because it failed.  The customers mentioned how surprised they were that we even came that late at night and now an hour later they did not think it was possible to get a plumber out without spending a fortune. Little did they know that we have an outstanding plumber that we refer whenever we need to be saved by professional plumber. We called John The Plumbing Doctor at 630-936-1157 and he responded immediately to replace the pump. After the new sump pump was installed we were able to get the water extracted and the floors removed.

sump pump failure cleanup

Sump pump failure in Winfield!

We had to remove the as floating floors are not designed to float. Once they get hit with water and are totally immersed it is next to impossible to dry them in place. This particular flood had a rubber backing and a rubber underlayment. That is a lot of bound water covered by what is referred to as a vapor barrier, in this case two vapor barriers. They had to go plain and simple. Otherwise the water that was trapped would lead to mold growth. Mold removal is a considerable bit more expensive than trying to save the floor.

Drying equipment has been placed and the drying has begun. Over the next couple days we will monitor and check on the progress of the drying process.  We will be moving the equipment around and reducing it as needed until we meet the dry standard.  We have been at this a long time in the Winfield area and will rap this job up successfully as we have every other job we have worked on.