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Sewage Backup Removal

When sewage backup happens in your home it can be about the most disgusting thing that can happen to your home. People are not made to live by sewage as we have seen throughout history. The plaque has killed millions upon millions of people throughout the centuries. Sewage and feces were the main culprit of the disease spreading through Scotland and killing huge percentages of the population. When sewer backups happen in your home you are going to want to make sure it is cleaned effectively and thoroughly so that no trace remains. Effective sewage removal comes from attention to detail and using the right supplies and plenty of practice. We at 2nd Chance are master poop picker uppers has we have honed our craft cleaning up thousands of poop problems of the years.

Sewage backup

No one wants poop water coming in like a hydrant out of their bathtub!

Yup! The above is just disgusting and unfortunately typical of a massive sewage backup. Category three water is absolutely the worst kind of water damage you can have in your home. That water is much better in the sewer than flooding your basement. Even when you completely clean and sanitize everything you still have a little psychological damage to overcome when the sewage backup is real bad!

Gold Coast sewage clean up

Sewage removal

Sewage covers everything it touches in gross. Plain and simple

Give me a storm water flood job any day over a sewer backup but unfortunately no one can choose which calamity happens. Sewage water can and does contain toxins that most water does not have. That is the result of all the waste and the bacteria that lives in it. When cleaning sewage it is so very important to have your proper PPE.

.Crawl space flood in spring grove.

Sewer backup cleanup

Flood cuts of four feet is common for sewage backup

Drying after cleaning is equally important to prevent mold growth from occurring. There is many health hazards on top of the expected unpleasantness so it takes a strong constitution to do our job. Sometimes like in the picture above we are practically standing in a toilet. We are the people that cleanup the nastiest of nasty and we are the best at it. If you have to clean something that is good and terrible get someone who is terribly good at doing it. 2nd Chance Water Restoration has five stars everywhere for a reason and that is because of our quality customer service. We have crews ready to help no matter if you live in Bartlett, Chicago, Joliet, Glen Ellyn or anywhere in the suburbs. If you have a sewage backup give your property the 2nd Chance it deserves!!