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Floods happen in homes all over the city of Naperville throughout the year, because of the freezing weather, heavy storms, torrential downpours, clogged sewer drains, failing sump pumps, cracks in the basement’s foundation and a thousand other reasons. 2nd Chance Water Restoration has earned the reputation of being the best flood cleanup company that provides water damage restoration and mold remediation services to the entire Naperville and great Chicago land area.

2nd Chance Water Restoration is open for business and ready to provide a free flood cleanup estimate 24-7 every day of the year. Call us t 866-575-5814 for a free estimate anytime!

2nd Chance Water Restoration can work with  and directly bill your insurance companies for any water restoration or flood cleanup work that we do.

Naperville flood cleanup project by 2nd Chance Water Restoration.

2nd Chance Water restoration had to do some serious flood cleanup work in the Naperville basement!


2nd Chance Water Restoration has technicians that have been in the water restoration industry since 1998! Our experience, training, and IICRC certification requirements as a company set us in a different category than most of our competition. We taking our ongoing training and IICRC certification very seriously, so our technicians get new certifications and take continuing education programs every year that they work with us.

As Certified Water Damage Restoration Professionals there is no guess work to what we do. We use infrared cameras, moisture meters, and hygrometers to detect all the hidden moisture and bound water in your Naperville property.

Our technicians arrive ready to do the work, but can leave a free estimate for water restoration, fire restoration, sewage cleanup, or mold remediation with absolutely no hassle. We have earned a lot of 5 star reviews throughout the years, because of the way that we approach our customers and the professional way in which we do the water damage work in Naperville.

Naperville flood cleanup

We had to extract water, remove trim, clean tile, and take out a little drywall in this Naperville basement due to flood damage.

Lisle residents should know who to call for the best water damage restoration service and that is 2nd Chance Water Restoration!

Most common issues that lead to floods in Naperville, Illinois include:

1.) sewage backups

2.) broken pipes

3.) broken or old sump pumps and injector pumps

4.) accidents

5.) flooding

6.) foundation cracks

7.) over filled tubs and sinks

8.) power outages

9.) storms

10.) frozen pipes

11.) flushing of feminine products, or baby wipes

12.) faulty appliances

Call 866-575-5814 for immediate professional help with your flood cleanup needs in Naperville and the greater Chicago area.

Some of the best ways to avoid flooded basements and water damage, sewage backup, or mold growth in your Naperville area home, business, or property include:

1.) regular maintenance on your plumbing and roof

2.) replacing your sump pump every 2-4 years

3.) do not buy the cheap sump pumps

4.) rodding your drains and sewer pipe every year, or so depending on your conditions

5.) avoid flushing baby wipes, paper towels, and feminine products

6.) check your windows, door jams, and foundations for signs of water damage frequently

7.) regularly inspect gutters, down spouts, and window wells to make sure there is no blockage and proper draining

Call 866-575-5814 for immediate help with your flood cleanup needs in Naperville, Illinois!

Water Damage in Naperville.

This Carpet and padding in Naperville had to go, because category 3 water hit it.


We have the best water damage service professionals, training, and equipment in the flood cleanup industry, but that doesn’t mean anything, if we don’t stand behind all the work that we do in Naperville. 2nd Chance Water Restoration always makes sure that the work is done correctly and that our customers our happy with the work that we do with no exceptions allowed.

We found mold at this sewage flood water cleanup in Naperville We have done a lot of sewage flood water cleanup projects in the Naperville area. We can leave your property in a clean and sanitary condition no matter what type of water damage issue you have experienced. We can clean a residential property, or commercial with the same outstanding results, because it’s the same cleaning process no matter how large, or small the property.

Call 2nd Chance Water Restoration in Naperville for water damage and mold related cleanup. we offer general cleanup, fire and water restoration, sewage cleanup, mold remediation and crawl clean out services. We are available to give your Naperville property the 2nd Chance that it deserves.

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