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Discount Water Damage Restoration Chicago

If your basements floods do you really want to spend thousands of dollars to cleanup? Heck to the no! No one wants to pay to cleanup flooded basements after they already had a something terrible happen. You know it does not stop with the cleanup cost. You have to worry about putting your property back together before the water damage and not just dry usually. You have to pay to fix the source of the water damage. Chicago often suffers sewer backups so you need your drains rodded by a plumber and that can be expensive. We recommend The Plumbing Doctor who has always treated our customers right! His number is 630-936-1157, so if you have a broken pipe or a sewer backup call that guy!

water damage restoration Water damage restoration Chicago companies are averaging $2500.00 a water removal job. That is a lot of money compared to the $1600.00 that 2nd Chance averages. Don’t worry, we still make a profit since we want to stay in business, but we do that from hard work and not hammering people who already had a bad day. $900 is a lot of money to most people and believe us we know. It has gotten to the point now where when we show up as the same time as our competition to a water removal job the other companies will flat out leave when they see us. The other companies hate us so bad they even bad mouth us to our customers. We at 2nd Chance would never bad mouth a competitor as we simply believe that our honest hard work will win the day for us in the end anyways. Did I mention we have a five star rating everywhere that you can be rated?

water damage restoration We want a business that our kids can be proud of! We also want to be a good example to them and to the water damage restoration community! You can do great things in this world if you just work hard and remain honest. Integrity is unfortunately a thing some service companies may lack but with today’s social media capabilities it is real easy to find out who is shady and who is awesome! Just today a lady called and said her basement flooded from sewer backup and so she had a company come out and they proceeded to give her a $10,000.00 estimate. They knew she was not insured but they gave her the bill of a lifetime and asked her to let them start. Luckily, she called us and saved her self FIVE THOUSAND dollars.

Sewer backup So if your having a bad day, and water comes into your home, don’t delay! Give your home a 2nd Chance! If it does not make dollars it does not make sense and saving money is the same as making money. If your covered by insurance that is great and we can bill them just like any other water damage restoration Chicago company. If you are not covered we are going to give you a price that other companies can’t or won’t match.

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Sewer backups can be gross!